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Thewtfmanoftomorrow: My buddy made a deck very similar to this one and it drove me crazy. No matter how good you think your deck is, the infect deck usually takes a big crap on your face by turn 3-5 and easy-wins with a big old 1-turn KO. At first it was only available in blue and artifact cards but it spread to black and green in mirrodin besieged as a way of illustrating how theSymbolwsymbolusymbolbsymbolg when i saw atraxa her proliferate effect screamed infect to me. So. Atraxa praetors39 voice deck list with prices for magic Brian Kibler took his Blue/Black Infect deck, modified it a bit, and then played it to a 3rd place finish in last weekends Starcitygames Standard Open in Los Angeles.There is a not very good allies wich I think could make me some troubles to proliferate and kill with the clasp and necropode. Blue/Black Infect Proliferate. by Zibbick on 31 October 2010.Deck Description. Something Ive wanted to make since I heard about the mechanics in Scars. Comments and advice are more than welcome. Ari Lax discusses his Infect deck for the Modern portion of Pro Tour Return to Ravnica with Zac Hill. 2 Breeding Pool 2 Forest 4 Inkmoth Nexus 4 Misty Rainforest 2 Overgrown Tomb 2 Pendelhaven 4 Introduction: Its a proliferate deck.With that same Treasure Mage, I can always instead opt for Phyrexian Juggernaut for infect, Triskelion for creature removal, or even Contagion Engine to act as a pseudo-boardsweep. World Magic Cup 2012 Deck Tech: Mono-Green Infect with Stjepan Sui.Pro Tour Dragons Maze Deck Tech: Boros Blitz with Patrick Sullivan. 2013 World Championship Deck Tech: Gruul Aggro with Brian Kibler (Standard).

MONO-BLACK INFECT-PROLIFERATE deck list with prices for Magic: the Gathering (MTG).MONO-BLACK INFECT-PROLIFERATE by spiralstaircase. ONLINE. 144.41. Also Proliferate spells work well. Infect is a 4 turn creature deck. By turn 4 your opponents will have stronger creatures.Elthiar: Awesome! Thanks for sharing, I think I will try to build this. I love black and blue decks. Xiahou Dun - Mono Black, Infect Voltron, EDH Commander Deck TechUrzatron.

Mono Green Infect Decklist: infect/ Green/Blue Infect DecklistThis is a Planeswalker Centered build to take advantage of her proliferate effect. Related Images with Infect Proliferate Combo Modern MTG Deck. May 14, 2016. blue infect proliferate deck. when bacteriophages infect a cell they. fleas and ticks infect humans. magic creatures with infect. mono black infect lashwrithe. bacteriophages only infect bacteria. Dan of the Many Custom Magic Decks Black Infect Deck: This deck is absolutely dirty.Similar Items. MTG Magic INFECT BRUISE DECK Dimir Proliferate Whispering Specter Viral.Yugioh Complete Blue-Eyes White Dragon Deck! blue black infect proliferate deck. Although he never harbored any ill will towards the race, he did not see them as a mere means of survival either. She bounded down the steps and greeted him and Richie as they walked through the front door. mtg mortar pod. Mirrodin Besieged features two event decks: a Mono-red event deck for the Mirran side of the conflict, and a blue-black deck for the Phyrexians.The mechanics Metalcraft, Imprint, Proliferate and Infect return from the previous set. Magic The Gathering.Blue And Black Infect Standard Mtg Deck.Primer Omnath Big Green Beatstick Machine. Infect Token Generator Deck Proxy Mtg Vault.White Baby White Magic The Gathering.How To Properly Use Zealous Persecution To Avoid Death infect-proliferate cards Very , by iokepa Aggro,nov , infect proliferate v constructed deck that has both black Comments, control, infect, blue original legal deck visual spoiler Love suggestions and share For someapr , by , by catacomb cached Building a fast goblin deck, a green generals black landfall Simic charm, prime speaker zegana, question indexqid cachedupdated may Boards print emperormeow decks greenblueblack-infect cached oct An infection proliferate deck green x x green, blue Consider using different keyword, "Infect proliferate deck" is quite rare. or, reexamine consisting words: infect, proliferate, deck. Mono Blue Proliferate a Standard MTG deck played by Gunnar Buckley in States/Champs Alaska on 2010-10-10.GW Aggro Infect Jund Kuldotha Red Mono Black Control Mono Blue Control Mono Green Aggro Monowhite Control Naya Shaman Polymorph Pyromancer Ascension Red Deck Wins Mono black, infect voltron in a strange tournament setting where Zur the Enchanter was legal in 1v1.Of course an infect deck is going to probably do better than a super casual deck.This is just one of the few blue proliferating cards that greatly assist in getting that 10 infect in without having to Ive also noticed that there seems to be a fundamental disagreement about whether the deck should or should not have the proliferate engines.Whether Mono Black or Blue/Black, I can see a degree of success coming from the Infect builds that take it slow. Black Blue Green. Suggestions? User Info: Latronis.Perhaps a good legendary proliferate creature or another large infector.Collectible Card Games - Magic: The Gathering. Commanders for an infect deck. My new deck, only build out of the Deck builders toolkit. Raise the Alarm Deck tech Magic the Gathering. Modern Magic — Mono Black Infect vs. Mono Blue Tron.Net.Blue Black Infect Proliferate Legacy Mtg Deck.O Infect.Primer Infect Stompy Developing Legacy Legacy Type 1 5 The Mtg234 16.Budget Legacy Infect Mtg Amino.Evolving Event Decks Infect And Defile Magic The Gathering.Blazing Shoal Betrayers Of Kamigawa.Primer Infect Stompy enchanted creature has infect. magic regenerate vs infect. blue black unblockable infect.good infect proliferate deck. Blue mtg proliferate deck combined with Level Up creatures and artifacts.Aldo Inexorable Tide cost five mana, every time I proliferate with it, its for free.Hatred Black White April 8, 2011. Damia has a few ways to be effective as well such as Elves, Combo, and Infect/Proliferate. The point being popular infect builds will include some mixture of these three colors. Even with these "color benefits" from blue/black/green, no deck is unbeatable. Find out why. Close. MTG - Infect/Proliferate Deck.Black Green Infect Deck: "Black Plague" - Duration: 6:14. Kat Cave 29,185 views.Magic Origins Complete Set Review - Blue! Green Black Infect Deck! We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We specialize in same art land lots.You are bidding on a custom blue/green infect deck. This deck is modern legal and very fun to play.This deck will ship in a padded envelope with tracking within 2 buss. days of confirmed paypal Infect proliferate (Modern). in Darkeepers Decks. Deck Tools. View Decklist.Tags. Infect Proliferate Blighted Agent Blue Black Blue/Black. Zen Mtg Card.Mono Infect It Modern Mtg Deck.Blue Black Infect Proliferate Legacy Mtg Deck.Mono Black Infect Modern Mtg Deck.Pauper Mtg Decks Tappedout Net.Everybody Seems To An Infection These Days.Hexproof Unblockable Infect Need Help Modern Mtg Deck.Infect Mtg Decks Tappedout [Deck] Mono Black Infect. Main Deck (65 cards).4 Contagion Clasp is pretty cool for the deck. If you cant get your dudes through, you can just proliferate them until they die, which keeps your blocking options up while youre at it. Thewtfmanoftomorrow: My buddy made a deck very similar to this one and it drove me crazy. No matter how good you think your deck is, the infect deck usually takes a big crap on your face by turn 3-5 and easy-wins with a big old 1-turn KO. I made a black and blue infect/proliferate deck.pretty much the idea is.get my opponent "infected" and swarm the field with low cost infect/proliferate cards and sit back and chill and continue to proliferate until my opponent hits the 10 mark. Basically, blue/black infect comes in two different flavors: aggro and control. This week we will be looking into the control version of it ( proliferate and things).First of all, the very first thing you should do to add money to your infect deck is to get a full playset of Inkmoth Nexus. Ari Lax discusses his Infect deck for the Modern portion of Pro Tour Return to Ravnica with Zac Hill. A complete decklist will be posted at the end of the event. Deck Name: Ezuri Infect Proliferate Commander: Ezuri, Claw of Progress Estimated Value: 230. Monday, March 7, 2011. Mono-Black Proliferate: Infect Deck Wins at Gameday. A 7th place finish with a 5-1-1 record at a Gameday tournament attended by around a hundred participants.Although I beat one Black-Blue Control deck, I also drew a round to one. MTG Magic PROLIFERATING VAMPIRE DECK Contagion Clasp Bloodcrazed Neonate Infectmtg Blue/Green INFECT DeckMTG Magic Mirrodin Besieged Infect Defile Event Deck NEW Blue Black Scars Hey check out my deck [[blue-black-infect-proliferate]]. In TappedOuts comments/forums with pie-chart. My deck: [[deck-large:blue-black-infect-proliferate]]. On your blog. Infect deck by ventergh.Infect Proliferate is not currently Penny Dreadful legal.

Control Jund Lich Artifacts Madness Mardu Aristocrats Mardu Control Merfolk Midrange Mill Mindcrank Minotaurs Mono Black Aggro Mono Black Aristocrats Mono Black Control Mono Black Vampires Mono Blue Aggro The basic run-down of this deck is to poison the opponent early (usually with an Inkmoth Nexus) and then lock down the board and proliferate for the win.As far as going mono-blue for infect, I would advise against it. I would spalsh either Black or Green Proxies For Deck Quot Infect G U Legacy Quot Deckstats Net.O Infect.Blazing Shoal Betrayers Of Kamigawa.Primer Infect Stompy Developing Legacy Legacy.Infect Wither Legacy Mtg Deck.Infect 4 4 Legacy Mtg Deck.Blight Mamba Creature Cards Mtg Salvation.Blue Black Infect Proliferate Legacy Blue/Black Proliferate. This is one of the least-themed color pairs, which actually sounds right. It does have a lot of cards that pay you for proliferating -1/-1 counters, but this is really just a value-based deck, and as such, can swap out cards freely. Hi Ive built a UB deck that uses proliferate and poison.Would be nice to see you add some counter magic, if your playing blue youAll it looks like to me is a bunch of Infect/Proliferate cards thats it. INFECTPoison themed Jeskai. MTG Magic Mirrodin Besieged Infect Defile Event Deck NEW Blue Black Scars: 59.99.MTG Magic PROLIFERATING VAMPIRE DECK Contagion Clasp Bloodcrazed Neonate Infect. Mtg blue black infect proliferate deck. Battle Cry/Lifegain. Black Infect. Buttered Toast. G Christopher.Leveler Cards. Merfolk. Mono Blue.MTG Vault Decks. G/W - Combo DepeRemove ads. Michael Walls U/B Infect Proliferate. This deck is built on infect and proliferate abilities.Thats why I try to copy the opponent creatures.The colors used for infect are black green and blue. I got different ideas to improve this deck.

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