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facebook api get user info,facebook get user id Example. with user id or uname of facebook user.Get Google profile picture URL. This method require google API key. According to Facebook graph API we can request a user profile picture with this (example)I have a function that gets the image from a URL to store it in the database, but it does work only if it get the full image URL. ASP.Net : Get FaceBook User details like UserId, Profile Picture, UserName, Name and Email Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explain with a tutorial and example, how to get authenticate FaceBookInvalid application ID 2. Invalid redirecturi: Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration. 4. Copy the URL that you created in Step 3 and paste it into your Web browser. Press "Enter" to access the users Facebook profile.How to Get Pictures From Facebook to the Android Phone Gallery. How to Determine a Friends ID Number on Facebook. Have you ever tried to direct your friends to your new fan page and gotten tongue-tied on the URL? Frankly, Facebook default URLs are a mouthful!Page can not have UserName already in use by your page or another user. Profiles can also have a UserName, with no waiting to have enough You Might Be Interested In: How to Get Facebook Profiles Numeric ID.You just have to get some numbers from the entire picture URL, form a new link with those numbers and open it in your browser. Get your personal Facebook profile urlEnter the facebook url in the textfield and click on the iconSome Social Facebook plugins need your personal numeric Facebook user ID. I want to get user id from Facebook and Friend list, with friends id profile picture URL of friends. Ive two code samples, first is. NSDictionary params "fields": "name, id, picture" FBSDKGraphRequest request [[FBSDKGraphRequest alloc] Im developing an app for iOS that user should login with facebook.

So im trying to get the users profile picture but the following code is returning "unsupported URL". get pictures from any Facebook user. Facebook how to get actual photo URL using Graph API?Facebook SDK: Get album cover photo. iOS getting Users Facebook ID friends List with Profile picture URL of Friends.

facebook-graph-api. I want to get my profile picture url stored into my database but in my result i get my profile picture as an image. now i need to getIs it possible to get liked users list from my page(which i am an administrator) using page access token? I have tried pageID?fieldsfancount facebook new Facebook(config) userid facebook->getUser()In this case, well get an exception, so well just ask the user to loginprint a link for the user to login loginurl facebook->getLoginUrl()how can i display the facebook Picture on Public profile ? The Facebook profile picture URL is canned format. So if you know the very users picture URL, you can get every ones profile picture. Form various of choices, Find My Facebook ID is an excellent one that allows you to lookup numeric ID by entering the personal Facebook profile URL.In order to get the user ID, you can go to get your profile link and instead the subdomain www with graphic. New Facebook Profile Hack: 15 Stunning Examples (122). Status Saturday: Funny Facebook Status Update profile lNote: If you dont see a status bar (Toolbars > Status Bar in Internet Explorer) or an URL, right-click your Profile Picture and copy the shortcut.Get in touch! php - Facebook API - How do I get a Facebook users profile image throJSONObject response, profilepicdata, profilepicurl TextView username, useremail ImageView userpicture NavigationView navigationview CallbackManager callbackManager ShareDialog shareDialog int Possible duplicate of Facebook API - How do I get a Facebook users profile image through the Facebook API (without requiring the user to "Allow" the application) Ciro Santilli May 26 16 at 8Getting the real Facebook profile picture URL from graph API. I decided to go with just one period, as I thought it was more user-friendly. Cautions on Changing a Facebook Page URL Thats Already Set.39 Awesome April Marketing Ideas to Inspire: FREE Download! How To Make A Brilliant Instagram Profile Picture. It is very easy to get the url of profile picture from facebook if we have user id.we just create a url like this:here id is the user idYou have created such an innovative program which can present the output of Facebook user picture based on the user id. I would like to try this with finding my best essay task return true In order to embed facebook user profile, We need to validate the facebook url and also we need to fetch the users cover and profile picture.function getfacebookprofilepic(userID) . Just follow simple steps to get a custom URL for your Facebook profile.One important tip for you, you can change your user name just twice so, select the user name you really want to keep.Facebooks latest feature. Facebook Profile Picture Hack. For anyone else looking to get the profile pic in iOS: I just did this to get the users Facebook picFirst you need to call GraphRequest API for getting all the details of user in which API also gives URL of current Profile Picture. How could I get a profile picture URL based on the Facebook user id — The Facebook profile picture URL is canned format. Hi, im rly new to facebook OAuth and im struggling to get the user profile picture. I have the following code (based on this Stack question StackOverflow Question)user[fotoperfil] data.url Facebook ID is a many-digit number, eg. 10453213456789123. Facebook ID for of certain Facebook social plugins, like the "Like Box" Like Button or application. Q: Whats my Facebook profile URL? Very useful Php curl script to download save live url image to website or local system folder. Example : 1.

Ive two code samples, first is. NSDictionary params "fields": "name, id, picture" FBSDKGraphRequest request [[FBSDKGraphRequest alloc] I just logged a user into my app using the facebook SDK, how can I get the url to their profile picture? So far I have: func loginViewFetchedUserInfo(loginView : FBLoginView!, user: FBGraphUser) . activityIndicator.startAnimating(). println("User: ( user)"). setting is pretty necessary to use looking at the increase in users of Facebook so that unknown user/stranger is not able to get access to your profile picture orNote:If you copy this URL paste it in URL address bar and Hit Enter you will see the Profile Picture in small dimension(160 X 160) as in Mine isnt: I can open an incognito tab and go directly to my profile by URL and get [effectively] 404d.3. Is it supposed to be possible to share hidden pictures of another user? 4. How to avoid cropping Facebook profile picture and not lose its quality? Click your name that comes with your profile picture on the left-hand side of Home button.Then, go to the Facebook page of the other user that you wish to get the Facebook ID. Take a look at the URL (link) that is shown in your address bar while you are on the other users profile. Facebook API - How do I get a Facebook users profile image through the Facebook API (without requiring the user to Allow the application).Links. Getting the real Facebook profile picture URL from graph API. Design for Facebook authentication in an iOS app that also accesses a secured web I am wondering if there is a way to get facebook user profile images real url in https.if you need a valid certified https url for pictures you need to set up a proxy script on your server that passes through the file.picture, function (response) ("hf-facebook-profile-img-url ").val(response.picture.data.url) ("user-photo").attr(srcIn this method we also have to check response.status connected, in case when user clicks Get User Photo from Facebook link, facebook shows next login window (Upload or paste the photos URL.) Tineye will only return results for the exact same image.This number is the profile ID from a Facebook users profile.hi i got a picture with me and i want to know who exactly own the picture can you find the name Facebook allows you to customize your Facebook profile URL by adding a username to it.Edit : Actually it does work if you get the image link of the small display of the profile picture . It only stopped working when you view the photos of the user . URL. User. Accounts.A Picture for a Facebook User. Reading. The persons profile picture.To get access to the data about the picture, please include redirectfalse in your query. So I need to find someones profile on facebook, They sent me a picture url. Is there a way to find their profile?Find out if someone close to you has been convicted of a serious offense such as sex crime and more. Get ALL the ANYONE information You need Now! - http Get details of a single streaming profile.When a user accesses such a URL for the first time, Cloudinary downloads the appropriate profile picture from Facebook, stores it locally in a high performance storage solution, and distributes it through a CDN. Now we are going to learn that how we can get user profile picture using Facebook JavaScript SDK and Facebook Graph API. I used the old source file from the i am using facebook SDK 3.0 i have to get profile picture of user login. Here is the code I use: URL imagevalue new URL("http(imagevalue.op enConnection().getInputStream()) But I dont get the desired result. const ipp require(instagram-profile-picture)Additionally, you can get downloadable link to the publically shared media (images/videos). Published 2 years ago by stojankukrika. Hi all. I creating some test project and need help. I need to get user pictures from user facebook, but I do not know to that, and user can select his profile picture. Get profile picture from Facebook Graph-API. this method to retrieve the photo facebook profile does not work anymore ImageView userpictureFacebook event profile picture from external URL. I am trying create Facebook event with PHP. The last problem which I have is profile picture. It has been big news for everyone to know about whats new in facebook. Lots of people will show interest in there facebook accounts, that your profile should look and the new profile thumbnail pictures and etc.

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