estrous cycle influences the response of female rats in the elevated plus-maze test





No changes were observed in female rats in the elevated plus maze or open field test.Estrous cycle was tracked throughout the study using vaginal lavage. All animal procedures were approved by Emory Universitys IACUC and were carried out to minimize pain and suffering to the animal in Variables related to the animals generally considered include strain, breeding line differences, sex, estrous cycle and age.Differences in housing conditions may alter behaviour in the elevated plus maze. Animal isolation immediately prior to testing is considered a stressor and a model of Sadeghipour HR (2007) Nitric oxide involvement in estrous cycle-dependent changes of the behavioral responses of female rats in the elevated plus-maze test. Behav Brain Res 178:10 17. Schwartz JB (2003) The Influence of Sex on Pharmacokinetics. Phases of the estrous cycle and fluctuation of hormones. Hormonal Influences on Female Sex BehaviorVF - virgin female (fresh novel ). Test conditions (partners composition) determine the sexual activity of rats during sexual resumption phase. Elevated Plus Maze The elevated plus maze is a behavioral task used to measure anxiety related. tendencies associated with the hippocampusMarcondes FK, Miguel KJ, Melo LL, Spadari-Bratfisch RC (2001) Estrous cycle influences the response of female rats in the elevated plus-maze test. estrous cycle. Simultaneous intrahippocampal injection of CGP35348 (3 and 5 g rat1) baclofen (8.54 g rat1) inThe formalin test: Scoring properties of the first and second phases of the pain response in rats.B (GABAB) receptors in the neocortex of female rats.

Brain Res 727: 40-48. Use of the elevated plus maze in the search for novel anxiolytic agents. Trends Pharmacol Sci 199516:336. [43] De Boer SF, Koolhaas JM.Estrous cycle inuences the response of female rats in the elevated plus- maze test. Female fear: influence of estrus cycle on behavioral response and neuronal activation. Chen, W. Shields, J. Huang, W. King, J.A.Nitric oxide involvement in estrous cycle-dependent changes of the behavioral responses of female rats in the elevated plus-maze test. Bowman, R.E Zrull, M.C Luine, V.

L. (2001). Chronic restraint stress enhances radial arm maze performance in female rats.39. V. Viau and M.J. Meaney , Variations in the hypothalamicpituitaryadrenal response to stress during the estrous cycle in the rat. Elevated plus maze (EPM) test. The EPM apparatus consisted of a center area (10 10 cm) with two opposite closed (10 cm wide, 50 cm long, 30 cmMeziane H, Ouagazzal AM, Aubert L, Wietrzych M, Krezel W: Estrous cycle effects on behavior of C57BL/6 J and BALB/cByJ female mice: implications PHARMACOL BIOCHEM BEHAV 27(1) 53-59, 1987.--The influence of estrous cycle and intrastriatal implants of 17beta-estradiol (17fl-estradiol).Female rats made fewer footfaults on estrus than on other days of the cycle. This was true when testing occurred during either the light or dark phase of Estrous cycle and sex differences in performance on anxiety tasks coincide with increases in hippocampal progesterone and 3,5-THP.

Handling history of rats modifies behavioural effects of drugs in the elevated plus-maze test of anxiety. Testing may include: 1. Sampling Female Animals at Different Points in the Estrous Cycle.TBI researchers who sampled male rats, normally cycling female rats, andQuantitative Differences in Immune Responses during the Various Stages of the Estrus Cycle in Female BALB/c Mice. By using the Infona portal the user accepts automatic saving and using this information for portal operation purposes. More information on the subject can be found in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. The elevated plus maze (EPM) is a test measuring anxiety in laboratory animals that usually uses rodents as a screening test for putative anxiolytic or anxiogenic compounds and as a general research tool in neurobiological anxiety research such as PTSD and TBI. In most paradigms, such as the open field test, elevated plus maze, light aversion, and passiveAlthough genetic strain and estrous cycle can be tweaked in rodents to find conditions that moreLike pain, sex/gender differences in clinical depression are influenced by psychological, social, and In species with estrous cycles, females are generally only sexually active during the estrus phase of their cycle.A signal trait of estrus is the lordosis reflex, in which the animal spontaneously elevates her hindquarters. A test for measuring sexual excitability in the female rat. Comp Psychol Monogr 14:137. Bartos L. 1977.2002. Estrous cycle influences on sexual diergism of HPA axis responses to cholinergic stimulation in rats. Brain Res Bull 59:217225.manifestations, so it must be controlled by additional serum and/or tissue measurements (regular changes resulting from the estrous cycle phase in females arePole or Chord climbing. Anxiety. Elevated Plus-maze Light-dark transition task Time in central region of the maze vs. tygmotaxia. Hamid reza Sadeghipour roudsari. Nitric oxide involvement in estrous cycle dependent changes of the behavioral responses of female rats in elevated plus-maze test. Male rats, female rats during each of the four phases of the estrous cycle, ovariectomized rats, and diestrus female rats treated with estradiol were tested in the elevated plus-maze between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m HO-1 defines ovulation, positively influences implantation and placentation and ensures fetal growth and survival. Here, we embarked on a study aimed to determine whether hormonal changes during the estrous cycle in the mouse define HO-1 expression, thus influencing receptivity. 2.7.2. Elevated plus maze The elevated plus maze (EPM) is widely used as a test for assessing anxiety-like responses of rodents.For the OFT/ EPM tests, the number of animals in each phase of the estrous cycle (proestrus, estrus, metestrus, diestrus) were as follows: AS (6, 4, 0, 4), ANS (4, 4 Anxiety-like behavior was assessed in the elevated plus maze (EPM), depression-like behavior was assessed in the forced swimming test (FST), locomotor and grooming activities were assessed inVitamin D3 receptor is expressed in the endometrium of cycling mice throughout the estrous cycle. For example, if a female shows 5 lordotic responses to 10 mounts, then that female rat is said to have a lordosis quotient of 50 (moderately receptive).ERs are regulated during the estrous cycle. ER mRNA levels are elevated in the VMH, with peak levels observed during proestrus time when Estrous cycle was disturbed after about two weeks of initiation of alternate day feeding in female rats.The heterogeneous hormonal response has also been observed in the patients with restrictive anorexia nervosa [37]. Increased anxiety in the elevated plus maze was evident in all groups after 48-h exposure to either 3,5-THP or progesterone.All animals were tested during the light portion of the circadian cycle between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM. In adult female rats, estrous cycle stage was determined by [16] Marcondes FK, Miguel KJ, Melo LL, Spadari-Bratfisch RC: Estrous cycle influences the response of female rats in the elevated plus-maze test. Physiol Behav 2001, 74:435-40. [17] Mora S, Dussaubat N, Diaz-Veliz G subsequent behavioral responses12. nificant change in the Metaestrous or Estrous phases.200833(1):134-40. Estrous cycle influences the response of female rats in the httpEndocrinology. of drugs in the elevated plus-maze test of anxiety. Description. The standard elevated plus-maze test is commonly used to assess anxiety-like behavior in laboratory animals ( rats/mice). Therefore, investigators must take into consideration that there may be different baseline elevated plus maze activity depending on the sex of experimental animals and estrous cycle stage in females, and design experiments using the elevated plus maze accordingly. The elevated plus-maze test was performed according to the established procedure [48, 49].F. K. Marcondes, K. J. Miguel, L. L. Melo, and R. C. Spadari-Bratfisch, Estrous cycle influences the response of female rats in the elevated plus-maze test, Physiology Behavior, vol. 74, no. 45 Assessment | Biopsychology | Comparative | Cognitive | Developmental | Language | Individual differences | Personality | Philosophy | Social | Methods | Statistics | Clinical | Educational | Industrial | Professional items | World psychology |. Further investigations were conducted, including the elevated plus maze (EPM) and hormone assays (progesterone). This procedure would allow us to confirm if the products of pregnancy (NASAfter identifying the phases of the rats estrous cycle, we divided them into four experimental groups (n10) We investigated how sex and estrous cycle influenced spatial recognition memory in the Y-maze after exposure to acute restraint stress. In Experiment 1, intact male and female rats were restrained for 1 h and then 2 h after the start of restraint, rats were trained on the Y-maze. Physiological measures included weight and estrous cycle regularity. Elevated plus maze and emergence tests were used to measure anxiety, and the T- maze test, cognition. We sought to determine whether menstrual cycle regulation could be influenced by alterations in BRCA1 expression to test this hypothesis The control of progesterone secretion during the estrous cycle and early pseudopregnancy in the rat: prolactin, gonadotropin and steroid levels associated 3 Estrous cycle can influence stress-related behaviors51,52 and differences in estrous may have contributed variation to our data.Anxiolytic and anxiogenic drug effects on exploratory activity in an elevated plus-maze: a novel test of anxiety in the rat. An estrous female (ovariectomized and brought into behavioral estrus) was thenLocomotion measured in either an open field or elevated plus maze was not affected by prepubertal treatment with ZK.Enduring influence of pubertal stressors on behavioral response to hormones in female mice. To identify if estrus cycle stage altered affective behaviors, both elevated plus-maze (EPM) and forced-swim test (FST) data were compared between P/E and M/D mice.Plasma Concentration of LH, FSH, Prolactin, Progesterone, and Estradiol-17b Throughout the 4-Day Estrous Cycle of the Rat. The elevated plus maze task is a simple method to assess anxiety-like behaviors in rodents.Typically, male mice are used when performing behavioral experiments, as variations of estrous cycle often influenceSome critical determinants of the behaviour of rats in the elevated plus- maze. 4. Discussion. The present study tested the hypothesis that exercise influences the acquisition and performance of two versions of the eight-arm radial maze.Stability of spa-tial working memory across the estrous cycle of Long Evans rats. Neurobiol Learn Mem 199767:167 71. Automated Elevated Plus Maze.The increase in female hormones during the estrous cycle increases the rodent stress response and anxiety behaviors[6]. However, on estrus and proestrus (the ovulatory stageInfographic Illustrates How Estrous Cycle Affect Behavioral Testing Results In Mice. Anxiolytic and anxiogenic drug effects on exploratory activity in an elevated plus-maze: a novel test of anxiety in the rat.Neurobehav. Toxicol. Teratol Vol.5, 1983, pp399-406 [26] Grimm EV, Frieder B. Differential vulnerability of male and female rats to the timing of various perinatal insults. anxiety, chalcones, elevated plus maze, muscle relaxant, open field behaviour.Effects of the estrous cycle and ovarian hormones on behavioral indices of anxiety in female rats (1996) Mora Sergio et al. " Experiment 2: Elevated Plus Maze! High and Low LG female offspring were injected.Behaviors in Experiment 2 were analyzed by two-way (estrous cycle. X treatment) ANOVA. Independent t- tests were utilized as post hoc analyses. " In one of his more famous studies (Tolman, Ritchie, Kalish, 1946), he tested place learning directly against response learning with an elevated plus maze.Variations in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal response to stress during the estrous cycle in the rat. Marcondes F, Miguel K, Melo LL, Spadari-Bratfisch R (2001) Estrous cycle influences the response of female rats in the elevated plus-maze test. Physiol Behav 74: 435-440. In response, the National Institutes of Health is promulgating new policies toNo overall difference in coefficient of variation between male and female rats was detected when analyzing these 142 phenotypes.estrous cycle experimental design experimental models sample size sex variation. Estrous cycle influences the response of female rats in the elevated plus -maze test. Author: Marcondes, FK Miguel, KJ Melo, LL Spadari-Bratfisch, RC. Abstract: The aim of this study was to examine the state of anxiety and the 17 beta

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