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I was pleasantly surprised that the entire unlock process took a mere 10 minutes. I went from an iPhone 4S locked to ATT, to a permanently unlocked iPhone 4S thats usable on virtually any GSM carrier. If youre new to iPhone unlocking, you should note that whenever you update your phone to any newly released iOS firmware, the baseband is going to get updated. However, its possible to downgrade iOS 7 to iOS 6.1.4 / 6.1.3 firmware. The iPhone 4S is pretty old - have you paid it off completely by now? Is it past the length of any contract you signed up for (12, 18 or 24 months)? If so, you can take it to your local ATT store, or maybe even just call ATT, and ask them to have it unlocked. A very well-known developer of iPhone Dev-team named MuscleNerd has introduced a new way to Unlock any Jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 devices Running any Baseband/Carriers Firmwares by Using SAM Method. As the unlock is performed using iTunes and is officially processed by Apple, we will email you to let you know when you can start the unlocking process. Please select the Network your iPhone 4S is locked to I purchased an iPhone 4s last Novemeber in Canada through the carrier Telus.Since I dont have my original sim card from Telus with me, I was wondering if it is still possible to unlock my phone here in Scotland, and if so, how? I recently got a iphone 4s from goodwill that was untested (it was 20 LOL).So I checked the IMEI it said that the phone was locked. Is there a way that I can unlock this phone. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. How To: Unlock iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS On ANY Baseband (iOS 5.0 To iOS 5.1) With SAM. April 22, 2012 By Jaden Easton-Ellett 308 Comments. How to unlock iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5S includes major internal upgrades but maintains almost the same external design as its predecessor.

How to unlock iPhone 4s. Announced on October 4, 2011. This iPhone was named 4S where S stood for Siri. Unlock your iphone 4s 5s 5c with the only al unlock method in the market today apples factory unlock this method done by apple using itunes all you have to do is go to how to unlock iphone 4s [] my iphone 4s is showing activation required and i have tried itune and wifi it does not work and i have unlocked the phone before what can i do.thanks. fleexee: pls any1 with ideas how i will go about unlocking my iphone 4, so dat i can use nigeria sims on it. plssssssssssssssssssssssss. u need to know the carrier the iphone is locked to before u can unlock it. Touch Install to unlock your iPhone 3G. Thanks to the iPhone Dev-Team for all of their hard work.

Their updated utilities keep making our FAQs shorter and shorter. Related Content. How can I unlock my iPhone? (overseas). Hello, I have to my understanding an unusual problem. I have used my iPhone 6 always with a Boost MUnlocking an iPhone 4s from Telstra. Unlock iPhone 4S."Very fast and safe, a little expensive. but in less than an hour i could unlock my phone. genial!" after unlocking a iPhone 4. I purchased an iPhone 4S almost 2 years ago. My contract will be completed on October 6th, 2013. My account is in good standing. Can I get my phone unlocked for use on another network? source: How to unlock apple iphone 4s model no is a1387? Was this answer helpful?Please unmerge any questions that are not the same as this one: How can i unlock my iphone 4s model a1387 or jailbreak it so that i can use it here in cameroon with mtn network? In the agreed time structure of 1 to 5 days my IPhone 5S is now unlocked and i can finally get to the home screen and its no longer associated with previous owners account. working perfectly with a Spanish Moviestar sim installed. The easiest way to iCloud Unlock an iPhone is through Settings, your Name, iCloud turn OFF Find My iPhone.a hacker tempered with my imeisince then i cant unlock my iphone 4s and cant access icloud please help me. Is your iPhone locked to a specific network or carrier? Check out our guide to unlocking your iPhone so you can use any SIM card in it.Pay Go O2 customers are required to wait for 12 months before they can unlock their iPhone. Thats according to O2s website, which also claims that itll cost 15 Related questions. 3GS new bootrom unlocking question! Jailbroken iPhone 2G 3.1.3 bluetooth not working. Looking for an iPhone 4. Jailbreaking 4.3 w/ unlock. This includes the iPhone 7 range The iPhone 6 and 6s, the iPhone SE, the iPhone 5s, 5c and iPhone 5 as well as the older iPhone 4s and iPhone 4. As these are official unlocking methods, they will work regardless of your model and your currentHow can I check if my iPhone has been unlocked? I recently updated my iPhone 4 to iOS 7 however, I need to fully unlock my iPhone (which I inserted a SIM card into). How do I do this? Note: my sim card is from Tahiti (French Polynesia). How to Unlock iPhone 4 4S with iTunes - Factory Unlock iOS 7.

1.2 Without How To. My iPhone Is Disabled: How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone Can I refix. disabled 5 without connecting with computer and itunes pls define thanks inadvance. can i unlock my iphone 4s. Unlock now your device in 3 easy stepscan i unlock my iphone 4s Unlock Samsung : It might not be a very rare event when customers may need to get unlock Samsung cell phone in a short period of time. EE Community. : Archive. : Why cant I unlock my iphone 4s?Can I add the Apple Watch to my EE contract and set it up on another network (3). by Apexdilemmaa 02:48 11.02.17. Yes Unlock iPhone 4s Fido Yes Unlock iPhone 4s Bell Yes. This is far from a complete list of carriers, but it illustrates a point if you can unlock iPhone 4s on these major carriers, you can unlock any iPhone 4/4s on any mobile phone carrier in the world. Some iPhones are generally easier to unlock than others and the easiest way to unlock any iPhone is usually to use a paid online service. The problem is that these services can be very expensive. hey guys im trying to activate my att iphone 4g via sn0wbreeze i seleceted my ipsw and went to expert mode and general -- and activate my iphoneIve got an iPhone 4s locked to verizon, I want to use my att sims on it. I can find my way to unlocking it using gpp/gevey but my question is if it will Unlock Possibilities For The New Iphone 5 Prices And Where To in How Can I Unlock My Iphone.Passcode Unlock Iphone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 Plus, 4S, 4, / Forgot with How Can I Unlock My Iphone. How to Unlock iPhone Passcodes using oficial Apple method. If you have forgotten the passcode on your iPhone, you will have to restore the device. To restore your iPhone which, again, deletes all of your data, like all your songs, photos, videos, apps, and so on the iPhone use the following directions. Unlock iPhone for free using programs (software unlock). Unlock Any Apple iPhone. iPhone Unlock code, SIM Network unlocking. Unlock Your iPhone for free from Any Carrier. Sure you have wondered: can i unlock my iphone? and if the answer is YES then the next step is: where can i New update iphone 4 software unlock icloud.Really fast and easy, just click the buttons in order after placing your A4 or below devices in DFU mode. Bypass icloud Iphone 4, 4s unlock icloud ios 7.1.2. If you had trouble on unlocking your iPhone using SAM, you dont have to worry about anything. Sam Bingner, developer of Subscriber Artificial Module (SAM) released a new update and made it simpler for users to unlock the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Is my iPhone must be jailbroken? No. How to Activate / Unlock my iPhone? All you need is to insert any locked sim card in your iPhone and restart it.Can I unlock any iPhone? Unfortunately, no. The list of supported carriers is here. I called a mobile phone unlock company that stated he cannot do it as it is different How can I unlock my Iphone 4 country lock?how can i connect my iphone to itunes for the first time to unlock it. When iPhone 4/4S unlock news surfaces, we here at will be the first to let you know. This weeks unlock news involves US soldiers overseas, as well as Verizons new unlocked iPhone 5. We promise to unlock your iPhone only once and it will last for a life time. More over our service is completely legal and we offer it for free.In order to be free to use any SIM card you like you need to learn factory how to unlock iphone 4 for free. You can unlock your iphone4 by remote unlocking methodnow a days many of them are using iphone and the problem they face is that they dont know how to unlock it and if they find a way it is not getting unlocked completely iCloud Unlock Tool? What is This ? How it Can Unlock My iPhone?This iPhone iCloud Unlocker will remove icloud unlock free online which means you have dont need to download any software to unlock your iPhone. I dont think there is a free unlock process for iphone 4S. I suggest you get a service to have it unlock. This guide will show you how to use R-SIM to unlock your iPhone 4S.I must admit that the R-SIM interposer unlock for iPhone 4S is far from perfect unlike the ultrasn0w unlock, but it gives iPhone 4S owners the ability to use their iPhone as a phone again. Two Methods:Contacting Your Carrier Purchasing a Third-Party Unlock Community QA. This wikiHow teaches you how to remove a carriers SIM restrictions on an iPhone, which will allow you to use other carriers SIM cards in your iPhone. I recently changed my service to another provider but now I cant unlock my iPhone It keeps saying the number isnt the one for that IMEI number Which iPhones can I unlock? Official IMEI unlocking should work with any iPhone purchased in the UK. Official permanent iPhone Unlock for Apple iPhone 8, 7, 7, 6S, 6S, SE, 6, 6, 5, 5S, 5C, 4S, 4. Unlock any iPhone permanently with official factory unlock. The device that gives you free unlock iphone 4 and other models was made with the help of professional programmers who are sure that they optimized this iPhone Unlock apk for all types of brands or versions. APPLE iPhone 4S unlocking wont affect your warranty. Your phone will be unlocked same way as manufacturer would do it. All new devices are by default unlocked.Could I unlock APPLE iPhone 4S for free? I recently bought an iPhone 4S thats locked to verizon which is on iOS 7.1 and I want to unlock it so I can use my T-Mobile SIM card in it. Ive tried looking for ways to unlock my phone but so far all Im finding are scams or stuff that dont work so I was wondering if anybody here would know a cheap Factory unlock is the ONLY method to unlock iPhone and keep the original warranty. Without any Hardware or Software except iTunes all you have to is follow the instructions in the video and within 3-5 hours you free to use your iPhone 4 4s with any GSM sim card worldwide! how can i unlock my iphone from the us?? please help. If you are referring to a lock to a specific cell carrier, so you can use the iPhone with a different carrier, only the cell carrier to whom the phone is locked can authorize unlocking.

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