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For example, use heading elements for headings, p elements for paragraphs, a elements forIt is always more expensive to change HTML documents and templates than it is to update style sheetsThis can be safely done even for older browsers. . And the problem is that the div.wrap is only vertically aligned when I link to the stylesheets outside of the html head tags. This is the only difference between the source that works and the source that doesnt. Linking a CSS Stylesheet. If you try loading either of the HTML pages in a browser, you wont see our stylesheet in action. Thats because we didnt link them together yet. This is what the HTML element is for. In hello-css.html, change to the following An external style sheet may be linked to an HTML document through HTMLs LINK element: or tags between the area of the document. Style rules can be (a) included with individual HTML elements to which they apply, (b) grouped together in the document head, or (c) placed in associated style sheets.To define a cascade, you simply provide more than one LINK or STYLE elements, e.g. tags of all HTML documents that you want to reference the external style sheet. It is possible to include one stylesheet in another using import. This must be done at the top of any CSS before any rules are declared.lthtmlgt ltheadgt ltlink relquotstylesheetquot hrefquotglobal.cssquot typequottext/cssquot mediaquotscreenquotgt internal stylesheet inside the body/header -- this is most often done for very small websites that do not need a lot of bells and whistles.You can write your css code in style.css. Then give reference of your CSS file to HTML file(in section) like this. . . To embed a style sheet, you must write your style rules within the head portion of the HTML document.Thats great, but how do we write the stylesheet file (the .css file)? Methods of including style content in an HTML document: Embedding - Use the STYLE element in the HEAD element to create a style sheet that is embedded in. Importing - One style sheet may be imported from another by using the "import" Question! In my first attempt to create my own website, I cant seem to get past the seemingly simple link your CSS stylesheet in HTML. This is how my HTML looks like so far This seems to work okay, but it violates the HTML standard. If there is some reason I should not do this, would an include of the stylesheet into a style block using PHP be acceptable? (It is my understanding that style blocks are also supposed to go in the head section and that only inline As required by the HTML 4.01 Specification (section 12.3), always put external stylesheets in the section using the in the tag. Dont use import. Also make sure that you specify the stylesheets in the correct order with respect to scripts. External style sheets are very similar to the ones you already know. Just put all the styles in a separate text document without the tags. Create a link element in the HTML pages head area to define the link between the HTML and CSS pages. What actually happens when you include the external CSS in your body section is that your content gets posted before getting styled and then gets styled later. In short, what im trying to say is that it works but it has a few drawbacks. .