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Home China Train Shenzhen North Railway Station.How to Get On/Off a Train. Taking an Overnight Train. Top Train Travel Phrases.Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong High-Speed Train. Train Stations and Schedules. Getting from Hong Kong to Shenzhen.Spotless Luo Hu Metro Station, Shezhen. Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen via Sky Pier Ferry.How to get a Chinese VISA in Hong Kong 729 comments | by Furio Fu. Located just north of Hong Kong, Shenzhen is a fast-growing metropolis with great shopping and sightseeing.Get on the East Line train from Hung Hom station, Mong Kok East station, or Kowloon Tong station. This line will take you north to Shenzhen. It is possible and easy to travel from Hong Kong to various destinations in China by high speed trains. From Shenzhen, just over the border, it is possible to reach most key destinations in China. Bullet trains depart from the Shenzhen North Railway Station. If you have already had the ticket in your pocket, its possible to travel from Hong Kong to Shenzhen North this way to catch the bullet train to Beijing.Question: How to get to Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel from the train station I will need 2 First class tickets from Humen to SHENZHEN on How to get a Chinese visa in Hong Kong: 2018 update.Luggage / Baggage Storage at TPE Airport. Hong Kong to Shenzhen via MTR Train. Getting to Hong Kong from Shenzhen: Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Shenzhen?Here are the directions per the hotels website: The city subway runs directly from Luohu Railway Station to Grand Theatre Metro Station, near the hotel.

For more information about how to get from Guilin airport to Yangshuo see our Guilin Airport to Yangshuo page. Hong Kong to Shenzhen: Take aBullet trains from Shenzhen North do not stop at either the Yangshuo or Gongcheng station for this moment (April 2016). Guilin Train Stations. From HK Island, you can take a bus to North Railway Station from Java Road Municipal Services Building, North Point Stewart Road, WanchaiHot Tags.

hong kong travel(3376) hong kong(1413) guangzhou(832) china train(762) shenzhen(693) shanghai(562) beijing(556) hong kong visa(507) Keywords: Shenzhen Hong Kong crossing how to go to Hong Kong from Shenzhen going to Hong Kong fromIs there a direct train link from Shenzen airport to lowu train station to Hong Kong.that is old restaurant in shenzhen very good indian food south north and jain food avail Apr 28 14:58. China Trains.As for how to get to Hong Kong from Shenzhen, WOX has collected some information for your reference.Shenzhen North Railway Station - Luohu Port (—) - Hong Kong. Bullet trains depart from the Shenzhen North Railway Station. There are multiple trains to Beijing and Shanghai but also to the Guilin / Yangshuo area in just a few hours.How to get to Shenzhen from Hong Kong! we would also like to know the quickest way from Shenzhen Train Station to Hong Kong. Please could you assist us with this. Answer: A quicker option would be to cross the border on foot and take the Hong Kong MTR. Buy the train ticket at a railway station.Do you have questions about the connection between Shenzhen and Hong Kong? Does something not work as it should? Just ask in our forum and get competent answers from our rail travel experts. The MTR is the best way to get from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. Gary Conner / Getty Images.How to Take the Train From Hong Kong to Guangzhou. More to Explore. Hong Kong to Shenzhen rail station north to travel to Guilin.Tourist visa 07:13. Hong Kong to Shenzhen train station north yesterday. how to plan business visit to Shenzhen yesterday. look the Skyline and collorful lights at night over Shenzhen 08 February 2018. You take the airport train to the spot marked for the mainland ferries. There are several ways to transit from Hong Kong International airport to Shenzhen, probably the most affordable (but atSubscribe to our newsletter and get this e-book with beautiful pictures for free! How travel has changed our lives! How to go from Hong Kong to Shenzhen by train?We are taking a train from Shanghai to Shenzen to get over to Hong Kong Causeway Bay. There will be 5 of us and quite a bit of luggage. If you are starting your China travels from Hong Kong, then Shenzhen North Railway Station is a good place to catch your first high speed train. Getting there (and back Reference information for taking train from Shenzhen North Railway Station to the following places: To Shenzhen Railway Station (or Luohu Port)Hong Kong. 1. There are direct buses operating from ShenzhenNorth Station(West Square of ShenzhenNorth Railway Station, just oust of the West Exit). The cheapest way to get from Hong Kong to Shenzhen North Station costs only 47, and the quickest way takes just 47 mins.Travel options for: Hong Kong Shenzhen North Station. Shenzhen North Railway Station (ShenzhenBei) is a high speed train station serving Shenzhen.Ive got a train ticket from shenzhen north to guilin north At 11.47. I Am leaving that morning from hong kong. How can i get to shenzhen north from hong kong?which you can only get from a machine ( and you can only use ten or five yuan notes make sure you get these denominations in Hong Kong in advanceswipe youre magnetic tokens and go down escalator jump on train its about 40 minutes to shenzhen north station. Count off your stops. Understand how to get around Shenzhen using the Metro and how to get to and from Shenzhen by train. Also details about getting to and from Hong Kong from Shenzhen Travel Cards. The Shenzhen Tong card is a smart card which can be used on the bus and metro. South from Hong Kong East Tsim Sha Tsui Station and North to Lo Hu Station in Shenzhen.Lo Ho Train Station is situated just 5 minutes walk. Trains from Shenzhen to Guilin depart from this station. There are several ways of getting Shenzhen from Hongkong, which include the train, ferry and bus. Here we will offer a guide to the optionsLine at Mong Kok East station or Kowloon Tong. by ferry: If you take ferry, it will departs Hong Kong from either the Hongkong Macau Ferry Terminal/Pier We opted to take the train from Shenzhen to Hong Kong as this was the cheapest and easiest option for us, so this post will detail our journey.How long took you from Lingzhi station to Hong Kong border? and then to the Novatel on Nathan Road? Recommended ways to travel from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen.There are signs all over the place inside the Airport showing you how to get to the Ferry Transfer Desk after you arrive at the airport. Shenzhen North railway station (Chinese: pinyin: Shnzhn Bi Zhn) is one of the four large inter city railways stations in Shenzhen, China and is located station in Longhua, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. It has 11 platforms and 20 lines. Answer 1 of 7: Im trying to find an easy/direct way to get from Shenzhen north railway station to HKIA.from US136.10. Macau Day Trip from Hong Kong.

What is it like to get around China using Flights, Trains and Buses? How easy is it to travel long distances by rail in China? Line 2 To Shenzhen Railway Station (, near Hong Kong border): 7.45am10pm From Shenzhen Railway Station: 6.30am10pmThe trip between Airport North and Futian Station, the lines eastern terminus, takes about 40 minutes. Note: most of Shenzhens metro lines see a last train Bullet trains depart from the Shenzhen North Railway Station. There are multiple trains to Beijing and Shanghai but also to the Guilin / Yangshuo area in just a few hours. In this video we show how to travel from Hong Kong to the Shenzhen North Railway station (and vice versa). If youre using the new bullet (G) trains to get around China and find yourself wanting to travel to Hong Kong, or indeed leave the country via the international airport there (a common trainThe nearest bullet train terminal at the time of writing is Shenzhen North (Shenzhenbei on your ticket), but luckily How To From Hong Kong To Shenzhen And Vice Versa Bus Ferry.Hong Kong to Shenzhen via MTR Train. Posted on Friday, Thursday, . The most straightforward way to get to Shenzhen, take the MTR to Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau station on the East Rail line formerly KCR. Could you please guide me for Train Service from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen. Is there any reliable website to get the train timing and fare?Approximately how long does it take for a Cross-Border Coach Services from Hong Kong International Airport to Shenzhen North Railway Station? Read more on: Hong Kong travel Xiamen-Shenzhen High Speed Railway Shenzhen-HongKong journey Shenzhen Baoan Intl Airport Shenzhen North Railway Station.As for how to get to Hong Kong from Shenzhen, WOX has collected some information for your reference. When looking at the Shenzhen subway map, the name of Lok Mau Chao station becomes Futian Checkpoint (not sure why Hong Kongs station isThe new Shenzhen subway system is world class and you can get to almost any major destination in the city now. How has your experience been Is this right? Then point at whatever you need, platform, train, map, ticket machine screen. How to Buy Shenzhen Subway Tickets.Do you have any tips, or different ways you get from Hong Kong to Shenzhen North Station? Please share with us all in the comments. how do I get from Hong Kong to Shenzhen Train Station?answer. Is there a bus from Shenzhen North Station that travels to Hong Kong Intern Though there is no direct train from Xiamen to Hong Kong, The open of Xiamen Shenzhen High Speed Train route on 28th December,2012 is sharply shorten the distance betweenStep One: Book Xiamen North to Shenzhen North high speed train online and get paper ticket from railway station. Hong Kong to Shenzhen via Train. This is the most popular way to connect between the two cities.This service will depart from West Kowloon Station and you have the choice to get off at Futian or Shenzhen North stations. Answer 1 of 7: Im trying to find an easy/direct way to get from Shenzhen north railway station to HKIA.from RUB 7,491.00. Macau Day Trip from Hong Kong.What is it like to get around China using Flights, Trains and Buses? How easy is it to travel long distances by rail in China? Hong Kong directly from. Shanghai via train but tickets were sold out so I have to go to Shenzhen instead. I have no idea how I would get to Hong Kong from Shenzhen. 32 thoughts on Train from Shenzhen to Hong Kong.I would like to go to Hong Kong from Shenzhen.Just a short day trip.Will be back the same day. how frequent the train service to and from and which station should i go.thanks. Shenzhen North Railway Station. Hong Kong to Guilin via Guangzhou by Bullet Train.How to Get from Guilin to Hong Kong. More Guilin Travel Guide. From: Guilin North Railway Station To: Shenzhen North Railway Station. Train No.How to Get from Hong Kong to Guilin. If you will be traveling by train from Hanoi to Hong Kong, you need to go to Shenzhen (North Railway station) and there you can take a direct bus to Hong interesting experience is to travel by train in Vietnam and China (you will see beautiful landscapes) a cheapest option how to get from Hanoi to OK, the easiest way to get to Lok Ma Chau is to take the Hong Kong MTR.This is helpful for getting to Shenzhen North Station and also for changing trains to get to Shenzhen International Airport and the Window of the World theme park. Its either youre crossing to Hong Kong from Shenzhen through Lok Ma Chau or Lo Wu border, you need to take the MTR trains towards East Tsim Sha Tsui and get off at the very first station - Sheung Shui MTR station. Very close to Shenzhen North train station. Jinkz, Australia. Check-in staff on arrival was efficient and attentive.Hotel 10 mins away from train station, ideal if you have an early departure. Anonymous, Hong Kong.

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