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5 apps in a row on Galaxy S8. asked 9 hours ago by shalam. Category: Samsung. me too, its very slow, so slow on my galaxy ace, but on my galaxy S2 its good !! why !!My Devices: Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830, S5830i, Ace II, Other Special Boards, Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro. Less. Is so annoying because I always have to use the firmware downloaded from samsung website and I dont understand why at all .Hi sir my samsung galaxy ace 5830i getting slow tell me how can i increase the speed plz give me solution. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com - forums.androidcentral.com. This issue appears to be getting worse.Related messages. Why is my text messaging so so slow? I have a 4 week old Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 which was working fine but now will not connect to wifi. I get messages saying connection disabled as internet is too slow or unstable. No other devices are affected by this and its not just my network. Why does my Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Android phone run so slow?If the internal storage space you have enough gigas at your disposal and you will slow mobile muuuuuuy, then you have to look to the RAM. I have recently bought a samsung galaxy ace 2, as it was a really cheap smart phone.

My girlfriend has had this phone as well. Hers was android version 2.3. The one that I bought had new firmware, android 4.1.2. Sometimes my phone is really slow, it takes ages to respond Thats why, occasionally stopping to look good that we have on mobile applications and eliminate all unused because, the fine and after only being used memory space and slow down your phone. Still image as background. I got a samsung galaxy ace II x two weeks ago this Thursday. When I use the internet on my wifi it is unbelievably slow, and even using data its slow. If I were to take it back tomorrow would I have to pay off my tab and would my phone be accepted if I take it back? I am playing this video in to both device, Samsung Galaxy Ace and Samsung Galaxy SII. While i run Alone.mp4 then it play fine for both the device.Related. 2973. Why is the Android emulator so slow? Just did a factory reset on my S3 that was running slow and manually reinstalled everything. Device is still 4.

3. Wow. Much speed. Such faster.Browse other questions tagged samsung-galaxy-s-3 4.3-jelly-bean or ask your own question. Samsung galaxy ace (not rooted) is v.slow. memory almost full warning virtually every other day, but all apps, music and pictures are on sd card?- Samsung galaxy s3 mini taking longtime to send text messages. Why is my messaging so slow on my galaxy s3? However, as you know the Galaxy Ace 2 reportedly has 768 MB of total RAM memory, and users have reported that the device is really slow after updating it to Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean is a very complex OS, and theres a reason why it is taking so long to update all devices to it. « My Samsung Galaxy ace is running extremely slow, Ram usage sky high. |My Note 5 vibrates while apps are updating once the device is charging. Why does it do this? By AC Question in forum Samsung Galaxy Note 5. If youre here to unroot your Samsung Galaxy Ace 4, you probably have a strong reason as to why youre unrooting your device.You can find out your variant by going to Menu > Settings > About phone on your device. How to Unroot the Samsung Galaxy Ace 4. How to fix Vibrate does not working and Solutions. Read Why is my battery dying so fast? 15 answers.Hardware errors this will not be listed here. Turn on the Vibrate on Samsung galaxy Ace 4. I preferred Samsung Galaxy Ace since it has everything I need for a smartphone (except for a Flash Player no support for adobe flash). Here are five reasons why I choose the Ace Those who are interested can connect their galaxy ace to Samsung Kies and upgrade their firmware to latest GB version right away over the air (OTA).Anonymous June 2, 2013 at 2:11 AM. Im not sure exactly why but this website is loading incredibly slow for me. I updated my Galaxy S4 to Android Lollipop about a fortnight ago and now its terribly slow, lags every time! and is just hor |Popular Topics in Samsung Products. Think youre an IT whiz? Try and ace our quiz! Samsung S7 email issue. Ive recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Ace on O2 and successfully set up my TalkTalk email, which sends and receives fine, however2. When I open an email, I get the wheel of death, whilst it downloads the content (both text and pictures), which makes managing emails slow at best. What happened? Why is it running so slow? There could be a few reasons.For example, running Android 6.0 on a Samsung Galaxy S5 may be too much for the hardware to handle. Model: Samsung Galaxy Ace Model no: GT-S5830 Android ver: 2.2.1 Baseband ver: S5830DXKC1 Kernel ver: rootSE-S6041 Build no: FROYO.DXKC1. My problem is my android device is running extremely slow on home wifi. Everything else is poor to worst ever. Cant phone, cant text, cant email, cant download and so slow at internet you might as well walk to the store to look up price.Total of 307 user reviews and opinions for Samsung Galaxy Ace 4. Is the little brother in the Galaxy range an Ace up Samsungs sleeve?Bringing the phone out of sleep mode is sometimes farcically slow and stilted, often causing you to second-guess the button press - an irritating issue that starts a vicious loop of counteracting button presses. Why our Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 / GT-S5830i become slowly?I factory reset my galaxy ace through the options on the phone through settings. I have everything back up and running but internet is extremely slow. I am using a Samsung Galaxy Ace mobile and I want to update my mobile to ice cream sandwich, what are the advantages of this update and how can i do this?Dear Still official ics 4.0 has not been launched for galaxy ace by samsung.!! You have to wait for.it!! Ive had the Samsung Galaxy Ace for about a week now. SOmetimes I go to make a call and find that it has completely turned itself off. I hold in the power button for like 10 seconds and it comes back on. Samsung Galaxy Ace: A mid-range phone with quite some good hardware features likeSome people may claim that the CPU processing speed is slowwell to that I say root your phone and trust me youll never regret ittheres an app called SetCPU, it works only on rooted phones Reasons why you might need to hard reset Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 phone? Reset and disable forgotten screen lock password or pattern Might resolve hang-ups freezing problems Might resolve slow performance of your Galaxy Ace 4 phone Might resolve unexpected Application crashes There comes a time in every handsets life when the end draws near. At that point, updates are stopped, with manufacturers moving on to newer handsets. Todays sad news comes to the Galaxy Ace 4. Twitter user Reuben Upstone inquired about Lollipop for his Galaxy Ace 4 I have a Samsung galaxy fame and it is my first smart phone and seems to do most of the things I want most of the time but it is often extreemly slow. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.

0 Wi-Fi, also known by its model number SM-T330, was released on April 23, 2014.After only a few weeks of use my device is already running slowly. Apps are slow to open, and some run poorly or are unresponsive. My galaxy s5 is so slow and lags so much now it is useless. Discussion in Samsung Galaxy S5 Discussions started by nonnasmyladie, Oct 4, 2014 why my galaxy s5 is slow. This is not just slow, its very, very slowly, as if in special effects, which show how the pop-upWho are going to compete in the Samsung releasing Ace 4, not clear to me.It perfectly demonstrates why Samsung sales in the budget segment flying down, but buying an example of this just not worth it. Slow cpu speed? Just dim screen?The phones design and body are identical to my Samsung Galaxy Ace IIx, so please, do NOT drop this phone.Same plastic build, same cartoony screen. Why couldnt Samsung ditch the damn pentile ? Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 receive new CM10.1 Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean custom Rom update.You need to enable USB debugging mode. 2. Make sure your Android device is charged up to 80-85 battery level. Why? Because, if your phone goes off suddenly while installing a custom ROM, flashing Samsung had the top end of the market well covered with its GS3 but now they have an ace up its sleeve in the Galaxy Ace 2 the successor to the popular though not so great Ace 1. Here are 5 reasons why we consider Ace 2 to be the best mid-range droid. i need help on how to fix my cell its just slow am very annoyed. iam very sad because i buy a samsung galaxy ace phone. This phone was vary slow and very low space bt iam ver sad.pleas solved my problam.All the apps store their data/lib files/apk file in the internal memory. Over the period of use, the memory gets full and user has no clue why since hethen edit the settings of that app. if you have no idea what im takling about. then just Factory reset it. after it reboots itself, log into it again and download nothing or set up nothing if it is still slow, get it replaced if not, slowy installed your apps again. still fast? if yes my galaxy ace s53801i is stuck on odin mode! how to reset it?Why is my phone stuck in factory mode? (Samsung galaxy s5). I accidently dropped my phone in the toilet and wuickly retrieved it After a short time i took it appart and put it into rice and left it for a day My Samsung Galaxy ace 2 was never particularly great and sometimes froze until the battery was taken out and restarted but now I cant phone or text anybody. I tried taking out my sim but that didnt work and when I dialled 4636 nothing happened Also the internet is really slow so I use my ipad for internet instead. Plus the battery life is bad u have to charge it every day.Reviewed by Annabel from Wales on 26th Oct 2013 I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace s5830 can someone tell me why the keypad disappears when one does texing? this is the only Smartphones vs. Desktops: Why Is My Phone Slower Than My PC? Gavin Phillips.I bought a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 weeks ago, but when I try to connect using the Kies app it says my device does not support updating via Kies. Google Product Forums > Google Maps Earth Help Forum >. Категории: Fix a problem or issue : Android : N/A - Mobile App : Turn-by-turn navigation : Why is Maps running so slow on my Galaxy S3? Also, deposition of a lot of junk files makes the device slower. I would suggest you to backup all your data and Factory Reset your device.How do I convert samsung galaxy s4 att i337 to samsung galaxy s4 i9500? Why is my Galaxy S4 overheating? The one discussed in the article is Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but mine is Samsung Galaxy 8.My phone is Samsung Ace (Bought in Feb 2012). The settings show model as GT-S5830i. Android version 2.3.6, the RAM shows only 290 MB total space, Kind of runs slow when too many apps are opened at Speed up you PC 300. Home > why is my samsung galaxy s5 so slow. Related Keywords.How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 that is Running Very Slow or Sluggish. my samsung galaxy ace gt-5830i is so slow.how can do fast the device.plz help.In Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-5830i While video recording sometime micro phone doesnt work why.? Other questions about "Why my galaxy ace is slow". Is there a substitute of Adobe Flash Player (any one if it does the same) for Android 2.3 on Samsung Galaxy ace?Why is my samsung galaxy y so slow? Is galaxy ace supposed to be slow?

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